Sue Started in a shed in the backyard of a share house in Sydneys Bondi Beach on the east coast of Australia. Originally it started as a university project for an Industrial Design course and turned into whipping up gifts for mates, by 2015 this side gig naturally formed into a small business and I moved back home to Byron to kick it off.

    Crafting shiny things is a blend of my industrial design background and a creative escape. When creating new pieces I draw influence from everywhere — culture, art, fashion, particularly old folk tales and sayings they tend to spark my train of thought and it rolls from there...

    Starting as a men's brand, my focus was on crafting durable jewellery, That's why I work extensively with silver and gold, ensuring longevity in every piece. Despite evolving into a genderless brand, our commitment to lasting quality remains unchanged.

    As demand grew and designs became more intricate, we've expanded beyond the shed into a studio and opened our first concept store and now, collaborating with skilled artisans worldwide to bring our visions to life.